White Ruffle Blouse


I found this white ruffle blouse on clearance at H&M during Christmas time. I love ruffle tops so whenever I find one in my size I buy it. I love how a ruffle top can take a casual outfit to the next level. It has just enough finesse to make and outfit pop!


Winter, summer , spring, or fall a white blouse is always in season. Don’t be afraid to add patterns and color. I chose burnt orange slacks and cheetah print booties.



Outfit Details

Top : H&M

Bottoms: NY&Co

Shoes: Steve Madden

Hat: Forever21

Purse: TjMaxx





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Cold Weather and Faux Leather

leathermaxi2bright      As much as I hate freezing cold weather I love wearing winter fashion. Its something about cold weather and faux leather. If you know me you know that I love tall boots knee high or higher are my preference. Boots can make or break an outfit. You can put on a sweater and jeans something really casual but, add a pair of thigh high boots and all of a sudden your casual outfit just became #OOTD worthy.


My fav boots are my black faux leather thigh highs I pair them with everything in the winter. I’ve had these boots for a few years and no longer remember where they were purchased. However, if you’re like me and still wear some of those spring/summer pieces in the winter then purchasing thigh high boots would be a great investment for your winter wardrobe.


There is something about these thigh high boots that make me feel confident, sexy, and powerful. As a woman it is important to poses those feelings and emotions. Do not be ashamed or a afraid to dominate you were fearfully and wonderfully made. You can grow life in your womb. Being a woman shouldn’t be a burden. Being a woman should be embraced and celebrated. Some are tired of WCW but, not me. I love to see men and women celebrate the beauty of women even if its just on a Wednesday. So today I embrace the beauty of being fearfully and wonderfully made.



Maxi Skirt: Mix & Match Boutique

Cropped  Faux Leather Jacket: Second Hand Rose

Big Brim Hat : H&M



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In life I have learned many valuable lessons and this is one of them. Although I wrote this post on my last blog page I still think it is valid and someone may need to hear it today. People will literally try to stop you from success. They will try to oppress you and your dreams. Talk negatively towards you because of their own insecurities and fears. They will attempt to suppress and depress you until you give up. This often happens because they realize what you are truly capable of and want to try and stop you.

 At times we may fall into the hype thinking what if what they are saying is true? What if I’m chasing clouds? What if my dream is just a dream? What if I am destined to always be who I am right now? What if change never comes? To all of you who have been here or who is currently dealing with this pleas please pause …. Pray for strength, pray for clarity, pray for direction, pray for a better support circle, and pray for a heart of love and forgiveness. There is a blessing in forgiving those who have wronged us. It will only help us in the end to forgive and go forward in love.

Rember who you are and who you belong to ! Children of the most high are blessed and highly favored. That does not mean storms won’t come and winds won’t blow, but it does mean that there is a blessing in the storm.

A seed can’t grow without being buried in the dirt, and having rain pour down upon it. That seed will start off small but through each rain storm the seed grows, stronger higher and wider. It eventually presses through all the dirt that was thrown on top of it and blooms !

 See, you may have been packed down and buried in negativity but, what they didn’t know was that actually helped to plant you! You are a seed you are the salt of the earth we come from the ground so it’s nothing for us to get a little dirty. The dreams and goals God has placed in you will manifest, but you will have to be tested and tempted.

It won’t be easy everyone will not see the big picture. Every vision and dream can’t always be explained to others sometimes you just have to start the journey and let them see it as it manifest. Do not give them an opportunity to detour and contour your journey. The testimony is greater when we work in silence. They tried to bury us but they didn’t realize we were seeds. This really spoke to me on so many levels when I read it. I hope this encourages you as well.

Happy 1 year Anniversary to my 30’s


Happy 1 year anniversary to my 30s ! This will be short and sweet. When I was younger I remember thinking what would I be doing when I’m in my 30s. Well, I’m all grown up now and officially 1 year in.All I can say is I didn’t think I would be here. I honestly do not know why God graced me with so much favor but I am forever grateful for His hand upon my life.


I do not take these 31 years for granted. In this one year alone my life shifted drastically I moved out of state, took a full time position and leased an apartment. I had been a rolling stone for the past 3 years and to actually sit still for a while is major. These things were  all dreams I thought would occur later in my life path but, apparently God saw fit for me to live them a little sooner.balloons-me

Isn’t it great how His plan rolls out better than our own ! Who knew my 30th birthday would be a catalyst in my life and bring about so many major changes in my life. I am looking forward to the next 12 months in my 30’s !


I stand before you confident, strong, secure, and full of self love ! Growth is a beautiful thing each year I learn how to accept myself for who I am and how God made me. That in itself is worth a celebration every year.


Happy Birthday to Me !


Melanin Poppin


My melanin has been poppin since 85 yes Im an 80s baby and very proud of it. However , it seems like right now melanin is poppin more than ever and I am here for the movement. No longer are they drawing the line of beauty at straight hair and fair skin . We are now embracing the saying  of ” the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice,” and this chocolate sistah feels like Drake X Future “What A Time to Be A live.”

The fact that mainstream appears to be embracing the idea of melanin beauty is cool but, we have to be the first to love our people and all of the many shades we come in. As we all know the media giveth and taketh away. One day they love us the next day we are a threat to authority while being unarmed in a car, so I take their acceptance for face value and keep it moving.


Therefore it is important now more than ever to self love our own culture, diversity, and ethnicity. We should never make a person feel less important or unattractive just because they are darker or lighter. I can remember on several occasions growing up being teased by my own peers and race for being a darker skin tone.My full lips and big nose was often the topic of discussion when classmates wanted to tease me.  We have to stop that and reverse the hate within our own people. Once we learn to see the beauty in ourselves there is nothing anyone else can do to make us dislike it, hate it, or alter it in anyway.

So this post is for all melanin women those who have been repping their beauty and skin tone before poppin was a word , and long before the media decided that it was ok to be black and beautiful. We are all queens we come in all shades and I for one dont mind my sun kissed skin.


It feels good to be embraced, celebrated, and praised for being what we have always been BLACK QUEENS . Ladies flaunt your melanin, walk with your head held high, dance in the sun.dashikivid4

You are beautiful we are all beautiful, perfectly and wonderfully made. Take pride in your heritage big nose and full lips we come from a long line of beautiful strong intelligent  women . Never allow anyone to dim you melanin glow.dashikivivid3

Outfit details : Dashiki from http://www.dashikipride.com















NYC 088

Its been a while since I posted a blog post and I couldn’t allow another month to pass by without posting something! The last weekend in July I was finally able to visit one of my besties a.k.a Roomie in NYC. It has been such a long time since we actually hung out, I was so glad our schedules permitted us to play catch up.

Once I left the airport and saw the New York train/subway it hit me I was officially in NYC.

After years of saying I would go I was actually there, not only was I there but I was there with one of my best friends! There was so much culture and art in random places through out the city I had to just take it all in I wish I had time to photograph it all!

I fell in love with the architecture and skylines.

The first day we ate Vietnamese food at a new spot in Brooklyn. The curry chicken was soooo good !

It rained a lot that weekend, but I refused to have my trip spoiled by rain despite the fact I didn’t have an umbrella. I walked in the rain because I’m not a quitter and because I’m a fatty.

Roomie was a good sport and walked with me around the city in the rain so I could buy a slice of authentic thin crust NY Pizza.I literally turned down 3 other places before choosing a spot. I was on a mission I wanted that pizza but I wanted it to be good! We were on the Upper East Side when I finally said ok I want to eat here.

We ate and laughed and ate some more. So many choices and options for food it’s a foodie paradise. I went to The Bagel Store to have the infamous “Rainbow Bagel”. Not only  did it rain but it was very hot that weekend. I was so glad to see the ice cream men out in full effect. The big kid in me had to get a sprinkle cone ! 

Regardless of what city or state I am in brunch is always on the menu on a Sunday, this weekend was no different. This little spot was quaint and rustic I loved the french toast !

I went to KATZ’S Deli this stop was for my dad this deli has been featured on several foodie list of must visit places in NYC. Their sandwiches are enormous,they slice the meat right in front of you and also let you sample while you wait. The meat was tendered and well seasoned. My dad would love this spot.

Besides gaining 5lbs  I browsed a few stores. I could have easily blown this months income, but I didn’t. I told Roomie I didn’t come to shop and she did pretty good keeping out of stores although we did go to the largest  H&M US  I mean I had to see it I am a fashionista.

After my trip it is safe to say  I ❤️ NY and plan on making another trip soon ☺️

Big Lips and Sequin

I have been dying to wear this shirt dress for months and finally had the opportunity to wear it to the Beyonce concert in ATL. Which was a really great performance by Mrs. Carter I was not disappointed ! I am not a Beyhiver but, I have to give credit where its due.

Ok now back to the post.

Since I have gotten older I have been drawn to shirts with big lips on them. I know what your thinking, thats so random, why do you like shirts with big lips on them? Honestly, I think its because I used to be ashamed of my own big lips for such a long time. In school kids would always comment on how big my lips were. Their constant teasing made me feel ugly and unattractive and it  lowered my  self esteem.


When I was a teenager I distinctly remember having a conversation with my mother who asked me if I wanted to start wearing lipstick . My reply to her was ” I would never wear lipstick because my lips are too big and it will only draw more attention to them.”


At that time my mother was almost speechless she didn’t understand why I was so self conscious about them.My mother never raised me to hate anything about my self or my body. She reassured me that my lips were perfectly made by God and that they are one of the most beautiful features on me.


Shirt Dress : Atl Boutique

White Denim: Express

Black Sandals: Target

It took me years after that to realize my mother was right. Now I wear all shades of lipsticks and I love these luscious lips of mine! Every time I see a shirt with lips on it I am drawn to it! Every time I look in the mirror I smile and see the beauty that has always been there but, I was too blind to see it. Thank God for revelation, growth and deliverance!


As I stated earlier Im am not a Beyhiver but, I love these lyrics in Beyonce’s song “All Night” from her new visual album Lemonade. So I will end my post with this

“With every tear came redemption. And my torturer became my remedy”  

I think it simply means this: That we have to take those things that tear us down and use it to build us up .For so long I allowed the opinions of others to dictate the opinion of myself never again.




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April 10 2016 

 As I spend my first night in my new spot I can’t help but to reflect on how everything fell into place. The day I decided to stay here the Lord reminded me of something I said a few years ago on a random trip to IKEA I remember looking at the apartments and stores around IKEA and saying ” If I ever moved to Atlanta I would love to live here.” …..9 years  ago I had just left UAB with no degree and a letter from the school of nursing encouraging me to apply again next year. I was financially and spiritually broken, depressed, devastated and embarrassed. I wanted to graduate with my friends I wanted a degree from UAB but that isn’t what happened for me. I had to move back in with my parents. Get two jobs and apply to other nursing schools but little did I know what God had in store for me 9 years later. I had no idea that I would be here living the words I confessed. Not just as a nurse but as a Nurse Educator. Trust me when I say our timing is never Gods timing but our hearts desires our dreams our goals are always on His heart. Even when we forget He will remind us of what we said and confessed. His plan may be different than we expect, but it is always better and His timing is perfect. He is our Father He wants us to live life but not just live life, He wants us to live life more abundantly we must understand that it will take time growth patience and faith but ….. Do not become weary Do not doubt and Do not forget!

The things you confess will come to pass just keep the faith. Write the vision . Pray . Be a blessing . Rejoice with others. It is on the way ! I am believing with you 
Share below if you like what is one of your dreams that you are praying and confessing? 
Good night Luvies 


Nothing Haunts Us Like Things We Didnt Buy


Have you ever gone to the store tried something on loved it ,but for whatever reason you left it on the rack. Or you attempted to try and find something similar,but at a lower price. Only to be disappointed because you never found a good knock off. Then you go home and   you couldn’t stop thinking about it. If it hasn’t happened to you consider it a blessing. I cant count the number of times I decided not to purchase something and for the next week or so it haunted me. Yes it haunted me! I Found myself thinking about it all the time. Oh the life of a fashionista.

We devalue our own self worth at times. Thinking that we don’t deserve something and why ? Why do we think so little of ourselves at times even regarding clothing items. I’m here to remind you that you if you work hard you deserve nice things ! What’s the point in praying for blessings if we are only going to deny ourselves of them when the opportunity comes to receive them? Don’t let things you truly want and deserve haunt you go get them! 

My shirt reads “Nothing Haunts us Like the things we Didn’t Buy”



Olive Blazer : H & M

Oversized Tshirt: Ross

Distressed Denim: Express

Shoes: BCBG (Thrifted )

Hat: Forever21



Happy Shopping Luvies